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October 2008, Tishrei 5769 [email protected]

Written by Nechama Retting, Director of Education for Shlock Rock

Welcome to the first edition of Shlock Rock’s Education Newsletter. Our goal is to give teachers and parents some new ideas for teaching about Israel, Mitzvot/Middot, Torah and the Holidays.

Adult Learning: The Hebrew month of Tishrei brings in many Jewish Holidays concluding with the celebration of Simchat Torah (literally Joy in the Torah). The celebration of Simchat Torah occurs when we have completed our yearly Torah reading cycle (with V’zot Habracha), and prepare to “rewind” the Torah and begin again at the beginning (Beresheet). Traditionally we gather in the shul and read the final section and then the first section of the Torah. There is a procession called Hakafot, where we march 7 times around the bimah with the Torah. Children make flags and march as well. If your school does not have a Pre-Shabbat program, now is a great time to start one!! Shlock Rock’s song “The Parsha Song” is a great song to start off that program. It is on the CD Shlock Rock for Kids Party Time!

Recommended SHLOCK ROCK Songs: “We read the Torah” and “Chamisha Chumshei Torah” from Shlock Rock for Kids Volume 1, “Torah” from Shlock Rock for Kids – Sing Together, “Abba always has a Sefer ” , “We Got the Torah”, “Breishit again” and “Trup” from Shlock Rock for kids – Volume 3 – We’re in the band and “10 Commandments” and “The Parsha Song” from Shlock Rock for Kids – Party Time! To listen to the songs, click here or here (then click on the CD desired, and then the song you would like to hear. You can also download songs to your IPod for less then the price of a cup of coffee!! )

Suggested Activities to try with your students or family:

Project: Create flags or a Torah with your children. Since we want to do the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit and not be wasteful, use recycled materials to create with. Cut a rectangle from the back of an old t-shirt or sheet and find a stick from your yard. Attach the fabric to the stick using a hot glue gun and have the children decorate as they desire. (Suggestions: Fabric paints or markers, bleeding tissue paper that you spray with water, or crayon shavings that you cover with wax paper and run an iron over). You can also cut out (2 copies) the shape of a Torah from an old sheet or t-shirt and hot glue them together, stuffing the inside with plastic grocery bags to create a “stuffed” Torah. Decorate with eyes, nose and mouth, or as desired.

Game: Play a Torah “hot potato” game. Using the stuffed Torah you made above, play some of the Shlock Rock Torah songs suggested above and pass the Torah around the circle. Make sure you kiss it as it passes!!

Gross Motor Activity: Practice doing Hakafot with the children. March around while listening to any of the Shlock Rock songs suggested above. Wave your flags and carry the stuffed Torahs you created. This could also be done as a Freeze game.

Edible Art: Make an edible Torah using 2 pretzel rods and a Fruit Roll Up. Wrap the Fruit Roll Up around the rods to resemble the Torah. Yum!

Cooking: It is traditional to eat foods that are rolled (like the Torah is rolled). Make blintzes or Rugelach with the children.

Pareve Rugelach

4 eggs, 1 cup of Oil, ¾ cup sugar, 5-6 cups flour, 3 tsp baking powder, 1 cup Orange juice, 2 tsp. vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

Crack the eggs in a glass bowl to make sure they are kosher (no blood means they are kosher). Combine all ingredients and mix well. Chill dough and then roll out into circles about the size of a dessert plate. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar or whatever you like. Cut the circle like a pizza into 8 pieces and roll up each individual cookie slice. Bake for 10-20 minutes (depending on their size) in a 350 degree oven.

Project: Try writing like a Sofer (Torah Scribe). Use a big feather quill (cut off the tip on a diagonal) and some watered down black paint. Dip the quill into the paint ink and try writing (some Hebrew words or letters) on some paper. When it is dry, attach the paper to 2 fax paper rolls (or Paper towel rolls) to create another kind of Torah. You can also use Alef Bet “stampers”.

Books: The Sofer by Eric Ray, or The Sefer Torah Parade by Tzivia Adler.

Morah, Morah Teach Me Torah! (By Tobey Greenberg and Nechama Retting) is a parsha book for Educators and includes all 54 parshiot in the Torah with ideas using the Multiple Intelligences for each parsha. It is perfect for a Pre-Shabbat School program or Tot Shabbat. Visit:

Other: has coloring sheets for each parsha. (Click on “Torah portion”, then click on “coloring pages” then click on the parsha you want.)