Getting Ready for the Chanukah Season!

So it was just Rosh Hashanah. Now we are under one month to Chanukah. This is a great time of year. A feel good time of year. It is not a time for writing new songs. Some people say to me – when do you write? I usually write sometime after Passover. That is the writing season. Right now – well this is performing season. It is a time when you hit the road and play 10 shows in 12 nights or 15 shows in 19 nights. It is an amazing thing to be able to do music for a living. But not just music – Jewish Music! I thank Hashem for the opportunity to be in this career!

Shabbat in Des Moines

Hi Everyone!

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I was in Des Moines, Iowa for Shabbat where  I was musical Scholar in residence at Congregation Beth El Jacob.   It was an awesome experience.  Des Moines is a great community where this shul is actually 121 years old!  The history as I walked through this building was so apparent.  On the wall there was a picture of the synagogue members at a historical dinner in 1948 when Israel became a state.   The people in the midwest are amazingly friendly and courteous.

All in all it was a great Shabbat.   I read the Torah on Shabbat and also lead the congregation in Mussaf.   I also gave a lecture called “The Spiritual and Halachic Implications of taking secular melodies and integrating them into the Prayer Service and the Shabbat Zemirot.   Saturday night I capped off the weekend with a Solo Concert.  It was really fun to meet the Jewish Community of Des Moines!

Today I am in Minneapolis for a show which begins in a little more than 2 hours from now!

Signing off from the road – Lenny