Lenny Solomon, the creator, writer, lead singer and keyboard player of Shlock Rock grew up in Kew Gardens, NY. Coming from a very musical family where there were Cantors on both his mothers and fathers side going back generations, Lenny was very musical. When he was eight years old his father took him for Accordion lessons. He played Accordion and Piano growing up and wrote his first song at the age of 13.

Lenny went to Queens College and majored in Accounting even though his father told him to become a full time musician. That would happen later on as Lenny worked as an accountant from 1982-1985 and played music on the weekends.

In 1981 Lenny started playing professionally and his first band was called the Shemesh Orchestra. His bandleader was Zalman Umlas who was also the guitarist. Avi Feinberg was the drummer. The Shemesh Orchestra played weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s and NCSY Conventions. In 1983 Lenny formed the band Kesher with Zvi Pill and they released their first album together in 1984. Kesher was a contemporary Hebrew music band and Lenny wrote seventeen songs for them and was on all three of the albums. In 1986 Lenny, while he was still playing with Kesher went into the studio and recorded Shlock Rock. This was not supposed to be a career move but rather just a fun thing to do! Little did Lenny know but the music took off and by Sept 1987 the band Shlock Rock had their first concert.

In 1992 Lenny got married to his wife Gillian and they moved to Israel in 1996. They currently live in Bet Shemesh, Israel with their four daughters Ayelet, Tamar, Avigayil and Shani.

Shlock Rock now has released his over thirty CD’s out with more on the way. They have a rich history of successfully bringing people closer to their Jewish roots while having fun at the same time.
Lenny and Shlock Rock have performed over 2,000 concerts worldwide including shows in Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, Israel and over 40 US States. His music has been used in educational programming by all kinds of Jewish organizations across the religious spectrum.

Lenny is currently promoting his new release Shlock Rock No Limits!

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