I have to tell you….I never had more fun making an album than I did with Shlockapella. The project which began last July and was released on March 11th of this year had over 100 hours of studio work at Jeff Horvitch’s studio near Bet Shemesh.  I first did over 40 hours of pre-production. It was there that I recorded every note that would eventually be sung. The most amazing part of it was that you are basically singing all the parts that the instruments would generally play. That is so challenging, especially with a Steely Dan or Police song. Anyway, after the pre-production I recorded 16 tracks where myself and Avraham Berk sang every single part in all the songs, whether it be bass or high register vocals. The Maccabeats did a track of their own and Shlomo Katz guest starred on a song as well as Joey Friedman. I brought in Yonatan Hill to sing on two songs and I also had the talented Daniel Brill do the beat box on a bunch of songs. But other than that it is just myself and Avraham Berk who is without a doubt the most talented studio singer that I have worked with both in tone and in register. It is because of this that I have so much joy when listening back to it now. What are my favorite songs? Well it changes….right now it is track 16 – Peace of Mind. I know that you will all love this project! Check it out on the homepage. One click and the download or CD is yours! Be in touch! Lenny

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