Daniel in Babylon, Derech Haor the Chanukah Tour and…Downloads!

Lots of stuff coming up in the next three weeks! We will be recording the second half of the musical Daniel in Babylon and hopefully going to production by the end of December. We have also just released Derech Haor. The 35th CD release since Shlock Rock started in 1986 and it is awesome! And of course the Chanukah tour which thus far has six shows on the agenda is coming in only one week. So….lots of stuff. But you know what I wanted to talk to you all about? You guessed it! Downloading! When you are in a niche market and you do concerts and music for a living. You need people to buy the products. Now I know, there is you tube and all these file sharing sites and frankly I myself don\’t remember the last CD that I bought. But…I do buy downloads. And so in the spirit of Chanukah and just embracing the world of digital downloads we are introducing three possible deals where you can download entire albums for anywhere from $3.33 per album to $4.16 per album. Isn\’t that outrageous? I mean….what else is there to say. For $100 you receive download links to all 500 or so Shlock Rock songs….I don\’t know the exact number but it is up there. So for the next month, if you grew up on Shlock Rock. If you want to put memories from your childhood or even your present on your MP3. Take advantage of this offer!  Here is the link  -

Talk to you soon and have a great Chanukah! And Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

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