Shabbat in Liverpool at the Hamptons

Two weeks ago I experienced a top 10 moment in Shlock Rock History.   The Hamptons Synagogue led by Rabbi Marc Schneier and Rabbi Avraham Bronstein brought me to the synagogue the weekend of Shabbat Nachamu or August 12-13 as a Musical Scholar in Residence.  What happened that Shabbat was no less than amazing.   Cantor Netanel Herstik and his musical director Itzhak Haimov and six voice choir took eight of my Beatles/Shabbat tracks and put them into the service.  It was the most amazing thing that I have ever heard.   My creation was put into the Shabbat Davening and 800 people came to hear it on Shabbat day.  Yedid Nefesh to Yesterday, Lecha Dodi to 8 Days a Week and Penny Lane, ViShamru to The Long and Winding Road and finally Yigdal to When I’m 64.   And this was just on Friday night.  Shabbat day another four songs.  The choir was flawless, the musical director outstanding and Cantor Herstik was unreal!  I actually closed my eyes during the service and felt spiritually uplifted.   Then on Shabbat late afternon I spoke to a full room about the Shabbat in Liverpool project, what it was for and why it was made.  It was an outstanding Shabbat and one that will always resonate with me!  It was supernaturally wonderful.

Thanks, Lenny

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