New Creations

It has been awhile since I blogged and I am sorry about that -  I definitely need a staff!  God has blessed me with an ever creative mind and currently I have 13 projects on the back burner- And that does not include the three new projects that were released this week.  

Release number one is the fourth music video from the album No Limits.  This video which available on You Tube for you all to see is from the second track of the CD.  The song Satisfied gives the message of the importance of being satisfied with your lot!  I actually wrote the script and and co-directed the video.  It was a really great experience.   Just go to You Tube and type in Shlock Rock No Limits – Satisfied and it will pop up!  Then make sure to buy the album or the download right here on this website!

The second release is a song that I recorded for Jonathan Pollard.  You Shlockers will know that I have already written a song for Jonathan Pollard back in1999.  That song How Much Longer is on the Meets The Prophets album.  This new song is in Hebrew and features my second daughter Tamar as the flutist and my oldest daughter Ayelet as the sound engineer.   We are going to take half the proceeds from the song and give it to charity in the hope that it redeems him.   May Hashem make it happen!

The third project that is about to be released is the long awaited album A Shabbat in Liverpool!  Yes folks, this project is scheduled for an end of August release although it will quite possibly be available from mid-July through this website.  Do you release that this is the 32nd album?  It is an exciting time for all Shlock Rock Fans as we approach our 25th anniversary!

Finally, I want to reference the 13 projects that are on the backburner!  Shlock Rock is a proven tool to combat assimilation and inspire Jewish people to get closer to God and study more about their heritage.  If there are investors would like to be a part of the most spiritual and exciting band in the Jewish Music History now is the time!  Contact me and we will talk about how you can be a part of Shlock Rock’s Production!

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