Shlock Rock Turns 24!

The month of January is the 24th Birthday of Shlock Rock! Who would have thought that we would have a career that rivals the Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and of course Weird Al Yankovic!
We are counting down to the 25th anniversary and their is so much to do. The plans for the 25th is simple! 25 new Song Parodies for 25 Years of Shlock Rock! A new Broadway album and a new Rock album! So stay tuned everyone – the best is yet to come! And as they say in my biz – Keep on Shlocking and Feel the Emunah! Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish!

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  1. Janette Witt (nee solomon) says:

    Wow 25th anniversary next year. That makes me feel old! maybe all those acknowledged on the original cassette released can get a trip to the 25th anniversary party ;-) ..
    Hope you and your family are well Lenny. Any more planned visits to Australia?

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