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I have to tell you….I never had more fun making an album than I did with Shlockapella. The project which began last July and was released on March 11th of this year had over 100 hours of studio work at Jeff Horvitch’s studio near Bet Shemesh.  I first did over 40 hours of [...]

Daniel in Babylon, Derech Haor the Chanukah Tour and…Downloads!

Lots of stuff coming up in the next three weeks! We will be recording the second half of the musical Daniel in Babylon and hopefully going to production by the end of December. We have also just released Derech Haor. The 35th CD release since Shlock Rock started in 1986 and it [...]

16th Anniversary of Moving to Israel

HI Everyone! Today marks the 16th anniversary that my family and I came to live in Israel! I just want to say that it has been the best!!! Israel is an outstanding place to be! So for all of you that I see in the Diaspora on my tours across the world [...]

New Releases! Not One but Two!!!

Yes…the 25th year of Shlock Rock is coming to an end at the end of the month!
Because of that we are releasing not one but TWO new Shlock Rock Cd’s.
Shlock Rock Kosher Cake which is a rock parody CD and Shlock Rock Still Not Quite On Broadway
which is the sequel to Almost on Broadway.  All [...]

25 Songs for 25 Years!

Hi Everyone! You have an amazing opportunity to celebrate with us for our 25th anniversary year! I have written and recorded with the band 25 songs in honor of our 25 years. From October 31st we will email you a new shlock rock song every monday and thursday until January [...]

Shana Tova from Lenny and Shlock Rock

It is going to be an amazing year with Gods Help! We have a lot of plans this year in terms of releasing new music and making new videos and projects. As we go into Rosh Hashana I want to just tell everyone that they should treat the next 2 days as a blueprint for [...]

Shabbat in Liverpool at the Hamptons

Two weeks ago I experienced a top 10 moment in Shlock Rock History.   The Hamptons Synagogue led by Rabbi Marc Schneier and Rabbi Avraham Bronstein brought me to the synagogue the weekend of Shabbat Nachamu or August 12-13 as a Musical Scholar in Residence.  What happened that Shabbat was no less than amazing.   Cantor Netanel Herstik [...]

New Creations

It has been awhile since I blogged and I am sorry about that -  I definitely need a staff!  God has blessed me with an ever creative mind and currently I have 13 projects on the back burner- And that does not include the three new projects that were released this week.  
Release number one is [...]

Shlock Rock Turns 24!

The month of January is the 24th Birthday of Shlock Rock! Who would have thought that we would have a career that rivals the Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and of course Weird Al Yankovic!
We are counting down to the 25th anniversary and their is so much to do. The [...]

New Music Video!

We are proud to present the second music video from the new album Shlock Rock No Limits! Go to and watch Walkin’ The Land. A new Middle East Country Western Song! Confused? You wont be after you watch Walkin’ The Land! Featuring the city of Bet Shemesh, Israel.