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It is a new world! 

In order to make new music and videos, Shlock Rock has partnered with an organization that has the same goals and aspirations of the band. 
The 4 Corners Project!  The mission of the 4 corners project is to see all Jewish People educated in their heritage and gain a knowledge and appreciation for their roots.  This is Shlock Rock's goal as well.  Now you can support the Jewish Arts and educate at the same time while receiving a tax deduction!  Be a part of the greatest method of teaching Judaism on a formal and informal basis!  Become a Sponsor Today!
Here are some of the projects in process:

JIMM - Jewish Inspirational Musical Messages - A refreshing webisode where Lenny speaks for 70-90 seconds and then sings for 70-90 seconds about different Jewish topics.  Come to the JIMM for a Spiritual Workout!  You will be educated and entertained at the same time!  We are in the middle of the second season and 20 webisodes have been released thus far!

A New Shlock Rock Parody Every Month!!!  That's right and there have already been six released with 6 more on the way!  The 4 Corners Project is the extension of Shlock Rock and will enable Lenny to make new content for you in the era of free downloads!

Shlock Rock Music Videos go where no song has gone before.  Taking the great songs of Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock - Lenny produces high end MTV style music videos to bring home the message of Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness!  There are currently fifteen videos circulating on You Tube from the more in the works.  $5000 will sponsor one music video and it is a 501C3 Tax Deductible Donation!

Donate at
Shlock Rock For Kids Series - How crucial is it to give young children great Jewish Content to watch!  We at Shlock Rock believe that love of Judaism and Torah start when you are young!  That is why we have created the Shlock Rock For Kids CD's.  Now we are currently planning Shlock Rock For Kids DVD Shows. Each DVD will be 45 minutes long and contain 2 made for TV Childrens shows.  This will give your child thousands of hours of pleasure and provide fun educational Jewish content as well!  All donations are welcome and $30,000 will sponsor two twenty two minute episodes!

Donate at
Shlock Rock Summer Tour - During the Summer, Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock go to ten Summer Camps in order to spread Jewish Music and Happiness to Campers.  Over the years, adults came up to me and would say "I saw you at Camp Monroe" or "Camp Louemma" or "Camp Surprise Lake" etc,  We are always looking for sponsors to play these camps as expenses such as car rental, airfares, gas, food, etc is always high in the summer!  This is a most worthwhile program!  Please consider sponsoring!  Only $7500 sponsors a camp show or a community show!

Other Programs to Sponsor

Shlock Rock Live in Concert from Jerusalem - A DVD of the Band performing Live in Jerusalem
Spark Redeemers - A Webilogue which will take the Shlock Rock concept and bring it to the Web
Shlock Rock - The Movie - A Movie that will bring out the best feeling for Judaism and make people warm to their heritage!
If you would like to sponsor an entire project email us at [email protected]