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Brachot on Foods



Tevet 5771   [email protected]   

Written by Nechama Retting, Director of Education for Shlock Rock


Welcome to Shlock Rock Educator’s Newsletter Volume 24. Our goal is to give you some new ideas for teaching about Mitzvot & Middot, Torah, Israel and the Holidays. Visit our website at, click on Educators Corner to view our back issues.


Adult Learning: This month we will be talking about saying brachot on different foods before we eat. This is such a nice thing to teach to young children. Every year, I teach my 3 year old class the different brachot on foods each day before we have snack and lunch. By January, I just need to ask: “Where do cucumbers grow?” And after they answer then ask “Then what’s the bracha on cucumbers?” and they yell out “Ha’Adamah!” It’s a beautiful thing and parents in the Conservative synagogue where I teach are always impressed!  If three year old children can learn the brachot, then so can we! J It is also important to teach our children to say thank you to Hashem everyday for all the blessings we have!!!


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Brachot for various foods: All start with the “bracha formula”:

Baruch atah Ad-nay, El-haynu Melech H’olam…..

Blessed are You Hashem, Ruler of the World….

 For Bread:
"...HaMotzee lechem mien ha'aretz".
"...Who brings forth bread from the Earth."

For Wine & Grape juice:
"...Borey pree hagafen".
"...Who creates the fruit of the vine."

For Cakes & cookies etc.:
"...Borey minei mezonot".
"...Who creates various types of foods."

For Fruits from trees:
"...Borey pree ha'etz"
"...Who creates the fruit of the trees."

For Vegetables:
"...Borey pree Ha’Adamah".
"...Who creates the fruits of the ground."

For Drinks, Meat, Fish, Cheese and candy:
"...Shehakol Nihyah bidvaro".
"...Everything was created through His (Hashem’s) words."

Note: The Bracha on bananas is Ha’Adamah, which always confused me since they look like they grow on trees to me!  I just learned why!  It is because when bananas are harvested, the “trees” they grow on must be cut all the way back to the ground in order to keep producing, therefore making them a plant not a tree! Interesting!  Also, when you are not sure what bracha to say, and there is no one to ask, Shehakol is the way to go. 

Suggested Activities to try with your students or family:


Israel Connection: Try and support Israel’s economy by buying food from Israel. Costco usually has dates, cucumbers and oranges from Israel on a regular basis. Plus Asian markets also carry Israeli fruits and veggies. No matter where we are in the world, Jews all say the same brachot on food! We are all part of the same kehillah (community)!

Game: If you teach older children (4-8) than you could play a 4 corners game with the brachot. Not only will your students be learning, but moving at the same time!  Hang a sign in each of the 4 corners of your room that say: “Shehakol” in one corner, “Mezonot” in another corner, “Ha’Adamah” in another corner and “Ha Etz” in the last corner. Then name a food and the children have to run to the corner that is the correct bracha.  You could also go to Google Images and make a “Match the Bracha” Lotto game by printing out 2 of each picture onto card stock (laminate for durability).

Math: Play some patterning games using your play foods from your family corner. Have the children try and categorize the foods by brachot.

Project: Have each child cut pictures of various foods from Grocery Store circulars. Have children try and categorize them into the correct brachot groups (you could use both sides of the paper) and then write or glue on the brachot. Alternatively, you could have children cut strips from the circulars to weave a placemat. Laminate for durability. These can be used for snack time each day, or to send home.

Book: Where does Food Come From? by Dina Rosenfeld available here.  This book is from HaChai Publishing and is out of print. It teaches the Sephardi pronunciations for brachot.  You can also take secular books  that are food related like Stone Soup, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Strega Nona, etc and add the brachot when applicable.



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