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Bio of Lenny

Lenny Solomon

Lenny Solomon was born in 1961 and grew up in Kew Gardens, NY. He comes from a very musical family where there were Cantors on both his mother’s and father’s side going back generations. Lenny played accordion from the age of eight and piano from the age of fifteen.

In 1983 Lenny formed the band Kesher, a contemporary Jewish rock band and released three albums from 1984 - 1987. Lenny wrote fourteen of the twenty eight songs for them. While still playing with Kesher, Lenny went into the studio and recorded the first Shlock Rock album titled “Learning is Good.”

Shlock Rock was not supposed to be a career move but rather just a fun thing to do! Little did Lenny know, God had other plans. The music took off and by Sept 1987 the band Shlock Rock had their first concert. Since January 1986 Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have released thirty seven albums and three music video compilations with more on the way. There are more than 500 Shlock Rock songs! Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have a rich history of successfully bringing people closer to their Jewish roots while having fun at the same time.

Lenny and Shlock Rock have performed over 2,000 concerts worldwide including shows in the USA, Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, Mexico and Israel. In May 2014 Lenny became the only Jewish Musician to play a concert in all 50 US States! His music has been used in educational programming by all kinds of Jewish organizations across the religious spectrum.

In May 2012 Lenny finished the musical Daniel in Babylon, a biblical rock opera based on the Book of Daniel. He has been taking it on a journey ever since with the goal of bringing it to screen and stage. Daniel in Babylon was his second musical having written the music and lyrics in 2007 for the musical “Who Gets the House” with the late play-write and screenwriter, Mark Troy.

In 1992 Lenny married his wife Gillian and they moved to Israel in 1996. They currently live in Bet Shemesh, Israel with their four daughters Ayelet and her husband Itzik, Tamar, Avigayil and Shani. 

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